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How Many Push-Ups For Weight Loss – How I Lost 20 Pounds With Push-Ups 2024

In todays world, where obesity’s on the rise and people tend to lead sedentary lives physical activity becomes crucial for losing weight and maintaining good health. Personally I find myself stuck in the routine of a 9 – 5 IT job that unfortunately involves little physical movement and unintentionally leads to consuming too many calories…

Within our workplace the cafeteria offers a variety of food options while the vending machines are filled with snacks and sugary drinks. For a time I gave in to the temptation of these unhealthy choices and ended up consuming more calories than my body needed. It was only when a colleague had a stroke that I decided to have my cholesterol levels checked.

After an examination by my doctor it became clear that I was dealing with obesity and higher than average cholesterol levels for someone my age. My doctor explained that obesity is primarily caused by eating too many calories while not being physically active enough. In response, to my concern I asked if doing sit ups and push ups can effectively reduce belly fat.

Without hesitation she confirmed that they are indeed a part of the solution. She also suggested that I boost my metabolism and build strength by incorporating weight training into my routine. She also mentioned that natural supplements like CBD may be beneficial for weight loss.

In this article we will explore the advantages of doing push ups, push up variations the recommended daily number of push ups for weight loss and an estimation of the calories burned during push up exercises. Without wasting any time lets delve into the details.

How Can You Shed 20 Pounds by Including 100 Push Ups in Your Regimen?

Begin your push up routine with 15 repetitions per day and gradually increase the quantity over time. It is crucial to maintain form throughout your push up routine. Additionally consider adding incline seated push ups to diversify your workout.

However regardless of how intense your exercise's achieving your weight loss goals requires a disciplined approach, to your diet. Therefore it's important to steer of sugary, salty and unhealthy foods. By following this plan you can achieve your weight loss objectives without unnecessary complications.

How Can I Support the Weight Loss Process Other Than Push-ups?

When it comes to supporting your weight loss journey without relying on push ups the key is to find what works for you. Think of enjoying colorful meals that excite your taste buds. Load up on fruits, vegetables and wholesome grains. Exercise doesn’t have to feel like a chore; choose activities that bring you joy whether its dancing to your music exploring nature through hiking or having fun playing soccer.

Remember, sculpting your muscles with exercises like squats and planks is like giving yourself a high five! Oh. Don’t forget to take care of yourself. Stay hydrated get enough beauty sleep hours and bid farewell to stress in a polite way. It’s not about losing weight; it’s, about feeling amazing every step of the way!

What Are Good Exercises to Lose Weight Besides Push-ups?

If you’re embarking on a weight loss journey and not particularly fond of push ups there’s an array of exercises for you to explore. Give high energy options like jogging or biking a shot as they help burn calories and get your heart pumping. Dancing is another way to shed those pounds whether its in the comfort of your own living room or by joining a dance class.

Additionally swimming offers a full body workout that is gentle on the joints. To add some oomph to your routine consider incorporating strength training exercises such as squats, lunges or even yoga for a well rounded approach. The key is to discover activities that bring a smile to your face while you work up a sweat – that’s the ingredient, for successful weight loss!

How Many Push-ups Should I Do Each Day to Lose Weight?

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Now that you understand the technique and recommended number of repetitions it’s important to determine the optimal daily amount of push ups for your weight loss goals. The truth is, there isn’t a rule. Some individuals may surpass their limit while others may not reach it. Becoming proficient in push ups requires practice. On average aiming to complete 50 100 push ups is a reasonable goal.

Are Push-ups an Effective Exercise for Weight Loss?

Push ups are widely acknowledged as an effective exercise routine due, to their ability to build strength and increase muscle mass. These upper body exercises engage muscle groups simultaneously making them highly efficient. Additionally push ups are bodyweight exercises that require no equipment and can be conveniently performed at home.

They utilize the body itself as resistance, contribute to weight loss by targeting the chest, triceps, shoulders and core muscles while promoting muscle development. There are two ways to approach push ups; higher intensity variations and lower intensity variations. When I first began I opted for the lower intensity version. Gradually worked my way up to the higher intensity level.

It’s important to challenge yourself once you’ve mastered the form as this is crucial for effective strength training. For beginners its recommended to start with lower intensity push ups while maintaining form. Poor posture can lead to discomfort and hinder the burning process.

My Journey of Losing 20 Pounds by Doing 100 Push-ups Daily

The success of this endeavor depends on your weight loss goals. My main goal was to increase my strength. This approach worked well for me. I incorporated push ups into my fitness routine as a body strength building exercise. Initially I performed sets of 4 – 6 repetitions with 15 push ups each which’s ideal for beginners. However I must admit that doing knee touch push ups was quite challenging, at first. Believe me when I say that starting with push ups can be quite demanding especially if weight loss is your objective.

During the stages of my journey to improve my push up strength I began with knee touch push ups. These are modified push ups where you position your knees and hands to touch the floor. As I found this starting position manageable and could easily complete 6 reps I realized it was time to step up my efforts. Hence I progressed to incline push ups by placing my hands on a surface like a bench or step.

Over the span of a month I gradually increased my capacity and managed to perform 15 push ups for 3 sets. Not did I notice improvements in my posture but also in the number of repetitions achieved. Afterwards I transitioned into seated push ups as a variation. In this exercise you sit on a bench. Use your arms to lift your body while remaining seated aiming for your hips and buttocks to be around half an inch, above the bench.

With dedication I completed 15 repetitions for 4 sets of this exercise while focusing on maximizing the number of push ups in each set. This routine involving these three variations was maintained consistently for 4 weeks. Meanwhile I persisted in my endeavors to perfect the push up fully aware that I was, on the brink of attaining correct technique in the coming days.

Increasing The Challenge

To amp up my fitness routine I decided to incorporate circuit training into my push up regimen. This circuit consisted of a variety of bodyweight exercises aimed at promoting weight loss. Some of the exercises I included in my routine were mountain jacks, mountain climbers, plank workouts, lunges, squats and even dancing. You might be curious about why I added dancing into the mix so let me explain.

Opting for dancing as a means of shedding pounds is not enjoyable but also leads to a significant calorie burn. When it comes to weight loss it’s crucial to cut down on sugary, salty and fatty foods while simultaneously focusing on regular exercise and a well rounded intake of protein rich foods, for building muscle mass. The recommended daily protein intake for body weight is 0.36 grams per pound.

Towards the end of the month I was pleasantly surprised by how my muscular strength and endurance had improved. This newfound strength motivated me to include push ups in my workout routine. However I must admit that they still proved to be quite challenging on days when I felt low on energy.

On those occasions when I lacked my enthusiasm for going to the gym I would resort to doing push ups with knee pads or opt for seated and inclined variations. It’s important to mention that on those “gym blues” days I made sure to do whatever was within my capabilities even if it meant doing fewer repetitions. The valuable lesson I learned throughout this journey is that consistency is the key.

What is the Correct Way to do a Push-up Exercise?

At the end of six weeks I had achieved the milestone of completing 100 push ups and had also mastered the correct technique for executing them. The proper form is absolutely crucial when it comes to performing push ups. Let me guide you through the way of doing a push up:

  • To start, ensure that your feet, legs and hips are aligned in a straight line creating a perfect alignment for your entire body. Keep your gaze fixed downwards.
  • Engage your shoulders. Activate your abdominal muscles while simultaneously tightening your core, glutes and leg muscles to maintain that straight line from head to heels. Avoid any slack or looseness in these areas.
  • While lowering yourself towards the ground strive to get as close, as possible without touching it. Always remember that regardless of how push ups you aim to do executing them with proper form is paramount. Improper technique can undermine all your efforts. Potentially result in lower back discomfort.

Performing 100 push-ups daily is an ambitious goal!

It’s important to note that doing fewer than 30 push-ups may not effectively promote muscle growth or significantly aid your weight loss journey.

Are Push-ups Effective for Burning Body Fat or Building Muscle?

Push ups are a widely recognized exercise for strength training and muscle development and they can absolutely contribute to fat loss. However it’s important to understand the impact of these exercises on your fitness objectives. While push ups may not be the rapid method for burning fat since they typically don’t significantly elevate heart rate they do offer significant cardiovascular benefits.

As mentioned earlier push ups are highly effective, in building muscle and having an amount of muscle can aid in weight loss. This is because muscle tissue has a resting metabolic rate compared to fat tissue. Consequently when you possess muscle mass you naturally burn more calories at rest.

This scientific explanation clarifies how push ups can assist you in achieving weight loss goals. They help in muscle gain and in turn, muscles boost metabolism. The number of calories you burn depends on an array of factors. However, this study shows that in general, they can burn at least 7 calories a minute. For any workout, the more repetitions, the more calories are burnt.

Who should avoid push-ups to lose weight?

While push ups are great for strengthening the body they might not be suitable for everyone trying to lose weight. If you have physical limitations or injuries like issues with your wrists or shoulders it’s a good idea to avoid push ups or modify them to prevent any further discomfort.

Additionally if you’re just starting your fitness journey and find push ups too challenging initially it’s better to try exercises that are more accessible and less intimidating. Remember, there isn’t a one size fits all approach, to weight loss so its important to listen to your body and choose exercises that align with your circumstances and goals.

Can Push-ups Have Adverse Side Effects?

While push ups can be an exercise for building strength it’s important to be mindful of potential risks if they are done incorrectly or excessively. If you don’t maintain form while doing push ups you may strain your wrists, shoulders or even experience lower back pain. Starting slowly and focusing on form is crucial to avoid injury.

If you feel any discomfort or pain during push ups it’s an indication to take it easy or seek guidance from a professional. Moreover if you have any existing medical conditions like shoulder injuries or wrist problems it’s advisable to explore alternative exercises that won’t worsen the situation. Like with any other exercise routine, moderation and using the correct technique are essential.


To sum up push ups are a yet fulfilling workout that demands extra effort to achieve optimal results. Who wouldn’t want to flaunt their toned physique on social media? Embarking on this fitness journey is definitely worth it. For weight loss it’s advisable to complement your exercise routine with a nutritious diet.

Moreover circuit training has played a role in helping me attain the correct posture for performing push ups. Lastly it’s crucial to bear in mind that both your mind and body require rest. To promote muscle growth effectively it’s important to strike the balance, between exercise and rest. Muscles develop best when provided with the necessary combination of workouts and adequate rest periods.

Frequently Asked Questions

How push-ups should I aim to do every day in order to see noticeable results?

The number of push-ups required to observe results varies depending on the individual. It is recommended to set a challenging but achievable target ensuring that proper form is maintained. As you progress gradually increase the number of push-ups performed for improvement.

Is it possible to rely only on push-ups for weight loss?

While push-ups are valuable for muscle building and can contribute to weight loss they may not be sufficient as the sole exercise for significant weight reduction. In general combining a rounded exercise program with push-ups and adopting a healthy diet tends to yield more effective outcomes.

Can doing push-ups specifically target belly fat?

Push-ups are effective in increasing overall muscle mass, which can lead to higher calorie burning even at rest. While engaging in push up exercises can contribute to fat loss it is important to note that spot reduction of fat from specific areas like the belly through targeted exercises alone is generally not feasible.

How crucial is it to maintain proper form while performing push-ups?

Maintaining proper form during push up exercises is critical, for preventing injuries and maximizing their effectiveness. Ensuring posture and technique will help you reap the full benefits without putting unnecessary strain on your body. Ensure that your body forms a line from your head to your heels engage your core muscles and perform controlled movements consistently.

Are there any dangers or potential issues that could arise from doing push-ups?

Yes performing push-ups with technique can lead to various risks such as strain or injury, in the wrists, shoulders or lower back. It is crucial to learn and maintain the form in order to minimize these potential risks.


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