Fountain TRT Reviews – Learn About Its Pros, Cons, Usage & Costs: A In-Depth Analysis of Fountain

As a qualified fitness trainer, I analyse every aspect to ensure my clients get the best results from their exercise programmes. Diet and exercise are crucial, but maintaining healthy testosterone levels becomes increasingly important as men age.

Fountain TRT, an online clinic specialising in TRT, has received positive feedback. So I got my team together to do some thorough research and personally evaluate the service and the product. After three months of evaluation, I am ready to share my first-hand insights in this Fountain TRT review.

What Is Fountain TRT?

What is Fountain TRT

A doctor gestures to a chart during a Fountain TRT assessment. It is one of the top online TRT clinics offering a comprehensive range of services for men with low testosterone. Their treatment of male hypogonadism is patient-centred. The comprehensive service ranges from a detailed health assessment to a laboratory blood test for low testosterone, a consultation with a renowned expert in hormone replacement therapy and various medical interventions.

If you are advised to use Fountain TRT products, you can begin personalised testosterone replacement therapy at home within a few weeks. From a personal perspective, I endorse them because of its comprehensive approach. My main motivation for investing time and resources into this service stems from an online review which highlighted the professionalism of the service.

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Are There Any Fountain TRT Experiences Or Customer Reviews?

The next thing I did was search for online Fountain TRT reviews and comments. As I eagerly scrolled through various websites, I found a mix of praise and criticism. Each review offered a unique perspective that enriched my understanding. This research gave me a clearer picture of public opinion.

Fountain TRT Reviews Experience

Fountain TRT Reviews Experience Fountain

Fountain TRT Self-Test Shows Positive Results

My Total Shape partner Dan experimented with Fountain TRT for six months to combat the symptoms of male hypogonadism. Under the attentive but sensitive guidance of a qualified doctor, he has seen improvements in libido, sperm production and bone strength. My journey began with a preliminary meeting to enrich our readers’ insight. The team’s ongoing support and advice reinforced my confidence.

Navigating The Evaluation

The first step for me was to complete a survey seeking feedback on aspects such as weight control, sexual wellbeing, general mood and overall health and vitality. This extremely straightforward dialogue took about three minutes to complete in a multiple choice format and provided insights into the potential benefits of TRT. Although I don’t have any significant wellness or fitness concerns, I anticipated that my age might indicate possible low testosterone levels.

The positive update I received from the sustained support during the evaluation and survey indicated that Fountain’s TRT offerings were appropriate for me, particularly for individuals who suspect they may have low T.

Further Health Research

During my review of Fountain TRT, I investigated other health-related issues. Throughout the process, every conceivable symptom was recognised and addressed. The questionnaire was thorough and included questions about pre-existing health problems, including blood pressure, coagulation and cancer.

These questions are crucial in determining whether you are dealing with low testosterone or showing signs of low T levels. Their importance lies in the possibility that they are either the cause or a sign of testosterone deficiency. Consultation with specialists such as oncologists is essential in these scenarios, given the seriousness of drug interactions.

Payment Processing

The next step Fountain TRT took me to was to confirm my preferred testing option. I could choose either a lab test or a home test. I chose the lab test and was taken to the payment page. It detailed the cost of the test ($100), the medical consultation ($150) and the health assessment ($50). However, I only paid $35 initially, with no immediate obligation. I found Fountain TRT’s approach commendable and proceeded with payment.

Scheduling The Lab Test

After paying, I received an email receipt and a heads up about an upcoming text. A Fountain TRT member texted to arrange the telehealth visit, offering nearby test slots. After a few more texts, I chose a date and time, and a short time later I received details of the appointment confirmation.

Getting The Lab Test

When the day came, I arrived at the lab a few minutes before my appointment and was called in on time. The blood test itself only takes a few minutes, the nurse prepared the blood sample and I just had to sign a form. Some other online clinics I have seen rely on saliva tests. While a saliva test can provide reliable enough results, I was later told during my telehealth consultation that a blood test is the most accurate way to assess testosterone levels.

Checking Lab Results

I received a message from the lab asking me to create an account to access the details of my blood test. Frankly, most of the data in the test results seemed quite complex to me. There were several sections covering PSA levels, free and total testosterone and luteinising hormone. The report contained numerous figures representing different hormone concentrations that my doctor would need to analyse during our consultation in order to choose the optimal TRT strategy.

Organising The Telemedicine Appointment

A few days after receiving my hormone test results, I received an additional text message and all I had to do was contact Fountain TRT to make an appointment. This allowed me to use a link to select a time slot for a virtual consultation with a specialist via Skype.

The consultation was meticulously organised and lasted about 40 minutes. They offered a range of treatments and insights, including strategies to improve sexual health. To be honest, I wasn’t expecting such an in-depth discussion that covered my entire health history and additional questions from the doctor.

Choosing The Most Appropriate Treatment Plan

At my Fountain TRT appointment, we discussed my medical history and possible hair thinning, looked at various blood tests and treatment alternatives, which led me to choose the topical approach. My blood tests showed that my T levels were not critically low, which helped me decide on my first prescription. As I have no serious underlying medical conditions or significant symptoms, and with the ongoing care, I chose this route, relying on the consistent medical support that Fountain TRT provides.

Fountain Benefits

  • Ease of use: Fountain TRT provides a user-friendly platform for addressing health issues, especially those related to erectile dysfunction, muscle mass and other factors that affect a man’s sex drive.
  • Focus on the effects of testosterone: The service focuses on understanding how low testosterone levels can affect muscle mass, overall physical health and sex drive.
  • Tailored treatment: Based on the results of a testosterone test, it provides personalised testosterone replacement therapy to improve sexual drive.
  • Positive telehealth experience: Fountain TRT’s telehealth consultations are highly regarded for their effectiveness and convenience.

What’s equally impressive is that the company has worked with doctors who are experts in hormone therapy and helping men deal with erectile dysfunction.

Are There Any Disadvantages?

Fountain TRT ranks as a more expensive option among online TRT services, as highlighted in a review. However, it stands out when compared to Marek Health and Evolve Telemed, positioning itself as one of the top online TRT clinics. It offers more comprehensive blood tests and follow-up consultations than its competitors.

Their approach to treatment is detailed and patient-centred, ensuring an initial consultation tailored to individual needs. In addition, opting for Fountain’s TRT injections involves self-administration, a necessary comfort for those struggling with low T.

"Testosterone injections can help many men with low T levels. However, this doesn't mean that these powerful injections are suitable for every man. Always tell your doctor about any medical conditions you have before starting treatment."

- Zara Risoldi Cochrane, Pharm.D., M.S.

There is a risk of accidental transmission to others when using the cream in close proximity. This has been my direct experience, especially with young children and animals. A similar sentiment was shared in another Fountain TRT review I discovered. The best way to minimise this risk is to apply the cream before leaving home or work to minimise the chance of it coming into contact with your spouse.


  • Fountain TRT provides a straightforward assessment of testosterone levels
  • Includes a blood test for accurate testosterone measurement
  • Offers an appointment with a doctor experienced in TRT treatments
  • Offers both cream and injection options for greater versatility


  • While not the most affordable, Fountain TRT offers a first class consultation service
  • Risk of transmission to others when using topical cream

The Fountain Process

The first step I took for this Fountain TRT analysis was to look at how the company outlines their comprehensive men’s wellness process. Firstly, you will complete a health questionnaire to gather some general information about your testosterone levels and possible symptoms of erectile dysfunction.

This assessment will determine if you are a potential candidate for Testosterone Replacement Therapy, particularly in relation to Testosterone Deficiency Syndrome, its impact on muscle mass and its relationship to Men’s Wellness. This is followed by further medical examinations to screen for more serious underlying conditions, such as prostate cancer, which may alter your treatment options, as highlighted by studies in the Indian Journal of Urology.

This is followed by a blood test at a local laboratory. This will assess serum and total testosterone levels and will be used to determine the extent of the deficiency. Neglecting such a deficiency, particularly low testosterone, can lead to reduced muscle mass, bone density and even mental health problems, which is increasingly affecting men’s wellbeing.

"In men, testosterone testing can help identify the cause of sexual problems such as low libido or erectile dysfunction. If you're having trouble conceiving with your partner, this test can determine if your blood testosterone levels are low."

- Jennifer Robinson, MD.

As soon as your blood test results are available, it’s important to make an appointment to see a doctor at Fountain TRT. At this meeting, a hormone therapy expert from the company will offer suggestions on how to treat low testosterone levels and improve your libido. You will then have the opportunity to choose the option that suits you best, whether that is a topical cream for home use or testosterone injection therapy.

What sets Fountain TRT apart from other online testosterone therapy clinics is its commitment to continuous care, a method supported by healthcare professionals. According to the information provided, regular follow-up meetings and blood tests are performed every three to four months, in accordance with the guidelines of the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists.

How To Use The Lotion

This product is packaged in a pump dispenser that allows you to easily apply the exact amount you need every day. Simply squeeze the top and dispense a small amount of lotion onto your fingertips. Then gently massage it into your shoulder or lower back. The purpose of this method is to minimise the likelihood of it coming into contact with others.

As part of my daily routine, I do this after my morning exercise and bath. I can also confirm that I have not experienced any adverse reactions such as rashes or irritation from this Fountain TRT lotion.

Is It Dangerous To Use?

Fountain TRT is generally considered safe when used under medical supervision. However, it’s not suitable for everyone. Certain people, such as those with a history of hormone-sensitive cancers, should avoid TRT. It’s important for users to have regular health checks to ensure that the therapy is suited to their specific health needs. While Fountain TRT can significantly improve the quality of life for many people, it’s important to approach its use with caution and professional guidance.

What Treatments Are Available?

Fountain TRT offers topical creams and injection-based treatments. There are several forms of testosterone replacement therapy.

Testosterone Injection

For individuals suffering from Testosterone Deficiency Syndrome, Fountain TRT offers injection therapy. The group offers a comprehensive range of remedies. For those with critically low testosterone, this may be the quickest way to tackle their low T problems, especially compared to testosterone creams.

However, it requires self-injection or help from others, which could be a factor for people unfamiliar with hormone treatments or testosterone therapy. A colleague in our team also chose this option and, after several blood tests, opted for the injections.

Topical Creams

Testosterone cream is probably the simplest method available. You simply apply a small amount of cream to your shoulder and allow it to soak in for a few minutes. The testosterone in the cream is then absorbed by your skin and distributed throughout your body.

My experience with Fountain TRT was with testosterone cream, as my testosterone levels weren’t significantly low. This was also the testosterone therapy suggested by the doctor I consulted, a view supported by numerous testimonials.

Results Of Subsequent Laboratory Testing

Fountain TRT offers the option of a follow-up consultation and blood test after a period of four months. My conditions showed significant improvement, with my low testosterone levels rising from 400 ng/dL to 500 ng/dL. At the end of the first and second months, I obtained additional blood tests via a home testosterone assessment. After the first month, there was a 9.5% increase in both free and total testosterone levels. After two months, the increase was 21.3%, in line with the prescribed treatment strategy.

For a lotion that I apply about five times a week, this is quite remarkable progress. It is another factor in my belief that Fountain is a leading online TRT clinic and I look forward to seeing further progress soon.

"Testosterone replacement therapy is the replacement of testosterone that has been lost due to an injury, congenital condition, or disease that results in low testosterone levels."

- Jamin Brahmbhatt, MD.

Who Could Benefit From Fountain TRT?

Men who believe they are experiencing a natural decline in testosterone, which is affecting their cognitive function and leading to increased fat, may wish to consider registering for an online evaluation with Fountain TRT. It is common for men over the age of 30 to experience a gradual decline in testosterone levels as part of the ageing process, which affects their sexual health. This decline often results in the need for blood tests to determine exact levels.

However, this decline can accelerate after the age of 40. As my own experience with Fountain TRT above shows, it proves to be an effective solution, supported by comprehensive blood analysis and a personalised strategy.

Who Shouldn’t Consider Fountain TRT?

Men with serious pre-existing conditions such as cancer, heart problems, stroke or psychological disorders may wish to reconsider Fountain TRT. It is likely that the company will not accept your case as your management may require the involvement of additional medical professionals specialising in men’s health. To ensure that your sexual health and energy levels are not compromised in the short term, it is vital that you consult a specialist on these issues.

Where Can I Register?

Only eligible men can register for Fountain TRT exclusively on the company’s official website. The process is straightforward and involves taking a survey to assess symptoms such as reduced vitality, followed by the creation of a personalised account.

You’ll then receive all the necessary instructions via email and SMS. There’s also the option of an interactive video call to address any questions or concerns. From my point of view, there were no problems or uncertainties regarding the next steps, thanks to their consistent support.

The Impact Of Fountain TRT On Mental Health And Sleep

The contribution of Fountain TRT to mental wellbeing is significant. Our research suggests that testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) can reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety. By stabilising testosterone levels, TRT has the potential to improve mood, reduce stress and support overall mental health, as evidenced by studies from HHS Author Manuscripts. This element of Fountain TRT provides optimism for individuals struggling with mental health issues related to hormonal imbalances, making it a critical aspect of therapeutic strategies.

In addition, several participants experienced more rejuvenating sleep, and maintaining regular sleep patterns with 7-9 hours of quality sleep is critical for hormonal balance, according to Sleep Research Society studies.

Comparison With Similar Products

In my analysis, I compared my blood test results with studies on alternative products, focusing specifically on hair loss and the best treatments available. I first evaluated Marek Health by sharing my findings with a training partner. We discussed our individual health goals and how each provider sought to achieve them through tailored strategies.

Marek Health often adds additional costs, such as lab tests, making it more expensive than Fountain TRT in terms of treatment strategy and ongoing support. Another prominent name in this area is Evolve Telemed, and a colleague of ours at Total Shape enrolled with them at the same time as I started.

One major concern we found was that Evolve lacked the extensive network of accessible laboratories that the online clinic has. Finally, Hone Health has been criticised for the accuracy of its tests, a crucial factor when assessing the reliability of Fountain TRT.

Is Fountain TRT Worth Its Price?

In today’s world where health and wellness are paramount, Fountain TRT is emerging as a beacon of hope for many seeking hormonal balance and vitality. The innovative therapy is truly worth its price and offers a transformative experience. Backed by scientific research and expert medical supervision, it offers personalised care that goes beyond superficial solutions. Patients often report significant improvements in energy levels, mood stability and overall quality of life.

The cost, while a consideration, is outweighed by the profound, life-changing benefits of Fountain TRT. Its value lies not only in the treatment itself, but in the renewed sense of wellbeing and confidence it instils in its recipients, making it a wise and rewarding investment in one’s health journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Fountain TRT cost?

Fountain TRT is priced at $199 per month for a comprehensive package that includes medication, ongoing video consultations, diagnostic labs, and 24/7 medical support via the HIPPA-compliant text app. Diagnosis of testosterone levels costs $35 via an optional diagnostic lab. There’s no monthly price increase if a higher dose is prescribed by your doctor following a T level re-evaluation.

Is TRT effective?

TRT has indeed been shown to be effective in helping men to increase their testosterone levels. Both gels and injections deliver an artificial hormone that your body absorbs and circulates, triggering various responses.

Is TRT both safe and effective?

Of course TRT can be both safe and effective. However, it should be done under the guidance of a doctor in order to determine the appropriate amount and type of hormones to take and to monitor for possible side effects.

Can TRT affect sperm?

No, TRT doesn’t harm sperm, but it can affect sperm count. Elevated T levels signal the testes to reduce hormone and sperm production. This is important for men who want to have children.

Fountain TRT Conclusion

My overall verdict for this Fountain TRT review is that I would recommend it to our audience. The company offers a tailored approach to testosterone replacement therapy, ensuring that each individual’s needs are met. Significantly, based on my own experience of witnessing more than a 20% increase in T levels in less than two months, I’m convinced that Fountain is the top online TRT clinic. Their ongoing support ensures that you’re not left hanging once you’ve started treatment.

My journey has been positive from start to finish and I intend to continue using the service. Join Fountain TRT today by completing their 3 minute assessment and discover the significant impact it can have on your health and fitness.


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By Jayson Peterson

Jayson Peterson is an experienced pharmacist, naturopathic physician, medical examiner, and minister. After earning his Doctor of Pharmacy degree from the Medical University of South Carolina, Jayson Peterson completed clinical rotations at several prestigious healthcare institutions and has been affiliated with several pharmacy chains throughout his career. His main passion and zeal is focused on providing world-class patient care by giving precise details and thorough instructions to those who need it most.