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A reliable heating system like the Life Heater that is environmentally friendly and energy efficient is preferred by many individuals. To save on energy expenses, a lot of people are opting for compact and portable heaters. There is a wide range of personal air conditioners available in the market, offering different types and brands. Introducing Life Heater, a brand new portable air conditioner specifically designed to cater to your heating requirements while also reducing energy costs by more than 30%.

This space heater is exclusively available on the official website and is particularly suitable for small rooms like dormitories, offices, bedrooms and other similar spaces. Curious about how it works? Concerned about its safety? Wondering if the Life Heater is cost effective?

What Is A Life Heater?

What is life heater

The Life Heater is a portable and compact electric space heater that offers an economical solution for heating rooms up to 350 square feet. Unlike typical central heating systems, this gadget effectively prevents unnecessary power consumption. Beat the cold winter temperatures with the environmentally friendly product. The developer highly recommends it for every household due to its impressive efficiency, adaptability and easy portability.

The personal electric heater is designed to quickly warm up your room. Life Heater utilizes a ceramic heating plate that efficiently converts electrical energy into heat. This compact heating device can significantly reduce your utility bills by more than 30 percent.

The Life Heater is a great choice if you’re looking for a family friendly space heater that puts the user first. It comes with multiple safety features to prevent fires or any harm to children. This electric AC unit is small and compact, making it convenient to use even in drafty or cooler parts of your home. It’ll keep you warm and cozy during harsh cold weather without wasting energy on heating rooms that are not being used.

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Are There Any Life Heater Reviews Or Experiences?

Intrigued by the buzz surrounding the Life Heater, we went online to find out what real users thought of this innovative product. The consensus was overwhelmingly positive. Users raved about its compact design and effectiveness in quickly heating rooms, a perfect blend of convenience and power. Many appreciated its safety features, especially the built-in overheat protection, which gave them peace of mind, especially around children.

What stood out was its energy efficiency, a recurring theme in the Life Heater review consumer reports. Users noted significant savings on their electricity bills, making the product not just a seasonal necessity, but a smart, cost-effective investment.

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from Robert
5 day(s) ago

I was pleasantly surprised by the Life Heater. Not only is it compact, but it's incredibly effective at heating my studio apartment. The safety features are a big plus and I've definitely noticed a reduction in my electricity costs.

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avatar small
William Brown The life heater was a fantastic find. Its ability to heat up quickly is a lifesaver on cold mornings and the energy savings are noticeable. I also appreciate its sleek design, which doesn't clash with the aesthetics of my home.
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Alexandra Davis Initially sceptical, I'm now a Lifeheater fan. It's efficient, unobtrusive in size and the overheat protection gives me peace of mind. Seeing my energy bills go down was the icing on the cake.
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Life Heater Review – Real Facts And Test Results

We embarked on a personal journey to evaluate the Life Heater, keen to gain an independent perspective on its effectiveness. With an open mind, we were curious to see if the product lived up to its promises. Our aim was to carry out a thorough self-test, closely following the instructions provided, in order to truly assess the capabilities of this intriguing device.

Following the instructions to the letter, we activated the Life Heater. The process was straightforward, reflecting the product’s user-friendly design. As we progressed through the testing phase, we noticed a gradual and noticeable improvement in the ambience of our surroundings. The effect of the heater was not only immediate but also long-lasting, providing a comfortable warmth that efficiently enveloped the room.

Most importantly, the Life Heater operated quietly, its unobtrusive presence allowing us to carry on with our daily activities without distraction. The unit’s safety features, an important consideration for us, were robust and reliable, ensuring peace of mind throughout its use.

The most impressive aspect of the Life Heater was its energy efficiency. Despite its powerful output, it consumed a surprisingly low amount of energy, in keeping with our environmental awareness and desire for cost effective solutions.

Why Do You Need The Life Heater?

Nobody enjoys being indoors and feeling cold. If you’re looking for a cost effective way to make your apartment, office or different parts of your house warmer without spending too much money or increasing your electricity bills, the Life Heater is an excellent choice. People of all ages can use it to provide extra warmth wherever they need it. The product ensures that you stay cozy and comfortable and is especially useful for those who have tried other options in the past but found them unsatisfactory.

How To Install And Use The Life Heater

Using the Life Heater is easy and doesn’t require any special technical knowledge. It’s designed with built in components to make it user friendly. To operate the product, you just need to plug it into an electric power source. Make sure to place the portable heater near a power outlet and ensure there are no flammable materials nearby. Additionally, keep the heater at least three feet away from furniture and curtains.

  • To become acquainted with the manufacturer’s instructions, please read through the user manual for the Life Heater.
  • Make sure that both the cord and plug are in satisfactory condition. It is advisable not to exceed the power outlet’s capacity for optimal performance.
  • Connect the heater to a properly grounded power outlet.
  • You have the option to adjust both fan speed and temperature using the straightforward control knobs provided.
  • Ensure that you place and maintain the Life Heater on a level surface as advised by the manufacturer.
  • Once you are finished using it, remember to unplug it from its electrical source.

Features Of The Life Heater

Life Heater possesses distinct qualities that differentiate it from conventional furnaces that are permanently installed. Some of its notable attributes comprise:

Rapid Heating

It usually takes a few seconds for the Life Heater to begin warming up. Unlike central heating systems, this compact space heater employs a technology that ensures your room gets warm in just a matter of minutes.


The Life Heater is designed to help you reduce your carbon footprint. This environmentally friendly model supports global initiatives aimed at reducing energy waste. By using the product, you can avoid relying on fuel consuming heaters, charcoal stoves and coal for heating purposes.

Cost Effective

The Life Heater offers several ways to help lower your utility bills. According to the manufacturer, it eliminates the need for expensive installations or ongoing maintenance, unlike larger central heating systems. Additionally, it efficiently heats specific areas, preventing power wastage. On top of that, purchasing the product is more cost effective compared to many other heating systems available in the market.

Safety Features

The Life Heater is advertised as a secure heating device, perfect for rooms where there are young kids and pets. It comes with safety features like over heat protection and tip over prevention to avoid any risk of fires. It’s important to be careful while using the product, especially around children, to prevent any accidental contact. Also, it’s advisable not to use the Life Heater near anything flammable without proper supervision.

Space Saving

The Life Heater is designed to be conveniently small and compact, taking up minimal floor space. Moreover, it can be easily stored away once the cold season comes to an end.

Programmable Thermostats

The Life Heater includes thermostats and timers that allow for precise control of the heating. It gives you the option to adjust the heater settings to different levels of heat, ranging from low to high.


With the Life Heater, you can save over 30% on your energy expenses. The ceramic heating plate efficiently warms up the room, ensuring that your electricity bill remains affordable.

Personalized Heating

With the Life Heater, you have the ability to selectively heat specific areas in your home. This device helps prevent wastage of heat and reduces the expenses associated with heating unused rooms. The product provides customized heating options without causing a significant increase in your power bills.


Life Heater is a small and convenient electric space heater that you can easily use to keep warm in any room. Its portable design allows you to move it around effortlessly, making it perfect for bringing along to the office or hotel room.

Quiet Operation

The Life Heater is designed to operate quietly, ensuring that it won’t disturb your daily activities, whether you’re sleeping or working. It’s also perfect for warming up children’s rooms without causing any disruptions to their sleep.

Where Can You Buy Life Heater?

It’s best to buy the Life Heater from the official online store to ensure you’re getting the original, high quality product. Buying from the official website also comes with a 30 day money back guarantee. Purchasing from other websites is not recommended as they may not guarantee the authenticity and quality of the product.

Life Heater Pricing And Guarantee

You have the option to purchase the Life Heater through its official website. Here are the prices available; One unit; $59.99 each, with an additional $9.99 for shipping. Two units; $54.99 each, with an additional $9.99 for shipping. Three units; $51.99 each, with an additional $9.99 for shipping. Four units; $44.99 each, with an additional $9.99 for shipping.

Rest assured that the Life Heater comes with a 30 day money back guarantee to ensure your satisfaction. If you need more information about this product or have any inquiries, please feel free to contact our customer service department.

Precautions For Application Of The Life Heater

Before using the Life Heater, it is important to carefully follow the instructions provided by the seller. If the heater is not in use, make sure to turn off the power and store it properly. To connect the heater, simply plug it directly into a standard wall outlet. However, be cautious when using power strips or extension cables as they have the potential to overheat and even start a fire.

Selecting an appropriate location for the heater is crucial. Keep in mind that there should be at least a three foot distance between the heater and any flammable materials such as clothing, documents or carpets.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the weight of the Life Heater?

The Life Heater is quite light, weighing approximately 0.68 kilograms.

Can the Life Heater be used in a bedroom?

The Life Heater is designed to be used safely in various indoor spaces, such as playrooms, bedrooms, studies and living areas.

Do I need any special skills to operate the Life Heater?

The Life Heater is good to go as soon as you take it out of the box. You don’t have to worry about any extra setup or adjustments. The developer suggests that using the space heater is as simple as charging a phone. Plus, you can easily customize the temperature by using the controls on the heater itself.

Does the Life Heater work well in large rooms?

The Life Heater is ideal for individuals or small groups. It effectively controls the room temperature in spaces up to 250 square feet.

What is the recommended storage method for the Life Heater?

The manufacturer suggests keeping the Life Heater in its original packaging for extended periods. Prior to storing, it is advisable to clean the heater and remove any accumulated dust.

What is the life expectancy of the Life Heater?

The Life Heater is said to have a long lifespan and can provide heat for more than five years.

Life Heater Conclusion

The Life Heater is a lightweight personal heater that provides efficient warmth without causing any drastic increase in your electricity costs. This heater is practical and easy to use, making it suitable for any kind of space. It’s also low maintenance and simple to operate. When you plug it into an electric outlet, the portable product Life Heater uses advanced ceramic technology to quickly convert electricity into heat.


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